• Russian critics hit by phishing, phoney leaked documents, Canadian researchers say
    The University of Toronto's Citizen Lab discovers campaign to discredit domestic and foreign critics of the Russian government. It report raises questions about online trust
  • TMX Group steps on the gas with new blockchain service
    TMX Group is launching its second blockchain-based service, it announced on Wednesday, that will track natural gas flows at delivery locations in the U.S. The service will be offered by TMX subsidiary Natural Gas Exchange (NGX) and was developed with Toronto-based Nuco Inc., a firm focused on developing enterprise-grade...
  • We’re not a puzzle world anymore: Malcolm Gladwell on the future of work
    Many professions have had a difficult time understanding the transition happening in the workplace and adapting to the changes. As computers and machines increasingly taking over many traditional jobs, people need to reevaluate their roles and reposition themselves to fill the voids left by technology.
  • Something brewing in the cloud
    Most people think craft beer goes well with foods such as oysters, sausages, burgers, and wings. For Robyn Warrier, a data acquisition specialist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the consummate pairing for any craft brew is cloud-based data warehousing. “It wasn’t immediately obvious,” says Warrier, CEO of Warriertech, a...
  • Rola Dagher to replace Bernadette Wightman as Cisco Canada president
    The Dell executive is making a move to helm Cisco Canada, likely to replace the current president at the beginning of the next fiscal year.
  • Citrix is a security company and wants to help Canadians be more secure
    Without being explicitly categorized as a security vendor, Citrix has quietly become known as a behind-the-scenes security company, and its Canadian country leader wants people to know that.
  • How to get verified on Twitter
    Getting verified on Twitter takes six steps and some documentation work, but the credibility boost can be worth it.
  • The rise of cloud managed services
    As the pace of business intensifies, many organizations are considering a setup in which they focus on key operational areas and let third-party specialists take care of the many “nitty gritty” operational details, many of which can eat up gobs of time. This change can come out of a methodical weighing of the...
  • Allow users to chose long passphrases for passwords, NIST proposes
    The standards agency suggests phrases up to 64 letters now be best practice. Read why a Canadian expert agrees
  • Strength from within: orchestrating your breach recovery
    How would you respond to the question of how much time and thought your organization has dedicated to data recovery? If you’re like many companies, yours is an overly casual or even unconcerned approach. Perhaps you feel you’re doing enough, or that cyber-criminals wouldn’t be interested in your data....