Joomla! 3.x Blog


It has come to my attention, that Joomla! is too big of a topic to be thrown in with everything else. I hope to share some tips and insights and will probably end up writing some posts in addition to/or as supporting resources for our Tutorial Section(s). How I am going to organize this escapes me at the current time... we'll have to wait until an idea hits me over the head.

Stay tuned!


Awesome. To satisfy your nerdly curiosity and general Joomla! pleasure, we have installed a Joomla! demo site, which you can fiddle with, tweak and experiment all you like. Don't worry... you won't break it. 


View the front end at

Access the back end at:    User: demo | Password: admin


You may add, edit, delete articles, modules, menu items (or entire menus), mess with templates, etc. If you feel so inclined, play with Simple Image Gallery Pro, try out the Advanced Module Manager, or play with ProForms. Again.. don't be shy.. you're not going to hurt anything. Every couple of hours the demo will revert back to its original state.. no harm done.


Try something, learn something, but above all else.. Have fun with it!