Designer's Diary & Desktop Denotations


Every now and then, I'll share a piece of wisdom here, let you in on some interesting discovery, talk about business in general, or web design in particular - or I'll just rant :) Enjoy!


New and improved my foot! Have you tried to upload a new video to your YouTube channel lately? No? Gosh, darn... you're missing all the fun! I consider myself fairly web savvy and can usually find my way around just about any program. The simple task of uploading a video for a client turned into a wild goose chase (google chase?) for tutorials/instructions on how to use the new video manager. 


I cussed at fields being greyed out, irrelevant drop downs.. until I finally discovered that you have to click on a link (several times, I may add - in Google Chrome, no less) BESIDE the irrelevant drop down... and THEN you get something resembling an upload window. Something, that should have taken a few minutes turned into 1/2 hour plus. Really? You know, SOMEtimes, it may just be best to leave things that work quite well ALONE! Hrmpfh.