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GAWD Productions Web Design

GAWD Productions was founded in 2000, originally in the west end of Toronto, and since day one has been synonymous with professional and affordable web design, quality, and customer care. In 2003 we traded the city smog and traffic noise for the inspiring views of rolling hills and green pastures on the North Bruce Peninsula.

In 2008 we headed north even farther; today, you will find us on beautiful Manitoulin Island (south of Sudbury) in Northern Ontario. Our office is located on the ground floor of a 100+ year old farm house and, especially during the summer months, you may hear a rooster or a horse calling while you are speaking with us on the phone. We hope you don't mind.

Our clients hail quite literally from around the globe; while many reside in the Toronto area, we also provide web design, SEO, and hosting services to businesses in the U.S. and Europe. And, now that we are located on Manitoulin Island, we would like to focus more on the Manitoulin, Sudbury, Timmins, and North Bay areas. While most of our business is conducted online, we do make house calls when logistics and time permit. You are important to us!

Our many years of experience with Internet & Computer Technology, Design, Marketing, and Sales prove to be a solid foundation for this web design firm and quite necessary, considering that our involvement with many of our clients goes far beyond their website; from marketing questions to software recommendations and equipment trouble shooting.

 And, while we thoroughly enjoy the technical end of things, we are also very serious about keeping it personal and keeping it real - by offering you quality web page design, web hosting, SEO, personal customer support and service, and realistic rates.

We generally take on one pro bono (or heavily subsidized) project a year - usually a cause close to our heart. If you are in need of a website for your cause, please talk to us.

To sum it all up... we're here for you. We do our very best helping YOU succeed - which is the main criteria by which we measure our own success.

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