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According to a recent article, hosting companies charge $25 or more to set up a new email account.


Well, that's just rubbish. You can easily create a new email account yourself; it takes all of 2 minutes. In fact, you can do all sorts of things yourself - and we'll show you how.


Please bear in mind, that this only applies to you if your web hosting account is with GAWD Productions. You always access your control panel by typing "yourdomain.com/menu" in your browser address bar. You will then be prompted to enter your user name and password, which you received when your account was set up.


Below are a few video tutorials to help you find your way around your Hosting Control Panel (CPanel). The videos will open in a new browser window and you can use the movie contols on the video to back up, rewind, stop, etc.


And, if you can't get it to work on your own - give us a call! That's what we're here for. And no - it won't cost you anything extra.










Account Management




Note: All of these videos (and more) are available right in your control panel - look for
Preferences » Video Tutorials at the top.